2008-06-26 - Gilles Peterson - Gilles Peterson Worldwide (Beat Generation Special)

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Standard Show
This show or mix is ~2 hours long.
Different file versions may exist.


DJ Premier - 'In Deep Concentration' (Wild Pitch Recordings)

Jurrasic 5 - 'Lesson 6 The Lecture' (Rumble Pickining)

Dabrye - 'Hyped-Up Plus Tax' (Ghostly International)

Beat Producers Part 1

Dyno (Belgium)

Dyno - 'Reign'(Rush Hour)

Wu-tang Clan - 'Could It Be All So Simple' (RCA)

Cup cave - 'Transparent Obstacles' (Test)

Jay Scarlet (London/LA)

Lucy Pearl - 'Without You' (Remixed J Dee)

D'angelo - 'Africa' (Virgin)

P.U.D.G.E Feat. Kissey Asplund - 'Synthesize Me' (R2 Recordings)

Fulgeance (France)

Dorian Concept - 'Fort Teen' (TrebleO)

Dabrye - 'Hyped Up Plus Tax' (Ghostly International)

1000 Names - 'Rhythmic' (Eklektik Records)

Pursuit Grooves (New York)

Timbaland - 'One In A Million' (Ingrement)

Straffe - 'Set It Off' (Hard soul NY)

Onra - 'My Comet 108' (Circulation)

Super Smoky Soul (Japan)

Slum village - 'One' (Sequence)

Phat Kat - 'Don't Nobody Care About Us' (Look)

Afta 1 - 'Believe' (Aftathoughts)

The Cool Kids - 'Jingling' (Chocolate Industries)

Sound Species - 'Unknown'

Beat Producers Part 2

Ahu (Turkey)

Donald Byrd - 'Stepping Into Tomorrow' (Madlib Rework) (Blue Note)

Sate Bow - 'The Long Lost' (Flying Lotus Remix) (Test)

Mark Pritchard (Sydney)

Phat Kat - 'Don't Nobody Care About Us'(Instrumental) (Jay Dee Mix) (House Shoe Recordings)

Pete Rock - 'Nothing Lesser Instrumental (BBE)

DJ Premier - 'Thee Enemy' (Instrumental)

Rustie - 'Unknown' (Zig Zag)

Hudson Mohawke (Scotland)

Caribou - 'The Spiritually Immature Mansion'(Merge City Slang/Domino)

Dimlite - 'Back To The Universe Part 1' (Sonar Kollektiv)

Mweslee - 'Chandal 500' (All City)

Hudson Mohawke - 'Spotted' (Warp Records)

Mamiko (Amsterdam)

Afrika Bambaaataaa- 'Looking For The Perfect Beat'(Tommy Boy)

I'll Dubio - 'Untitled' (Test)

Sir OJ Gullyion - 'Star Wars' (Test)

Ras G - 'Yesterdays Tomorrow' (Test)

Dorian Concept (Austria)

Dabrye- 'bloop'(Ghostly International)

The Clonious- 'Oily Glue'

Paul White (London)

Pete Rock - 'Petes Jazz' (BBE)

Kankick - 'City Walk Broads Groove' (Grey Label)

Bullion - 'Track 9'

Sanra - 'I'll Wait For You' (Floating Points Mix)

Jesse Futerma - 'Demo 7' (Test)

Mr. Beatnik - 'The 4th Daily' (Test)

Brainfeeder Mix

(tracklist not provided)

Muhsinah - 'Unknown'(Test)

Dead Prez - 'It's Bigger Than Hip hop' (Instrumental) (Relativity)

J Dilla - 'Take Notice' (Stones Throw)

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