2008-06-19 - Gilles Peterson, Plantlife - Gilles Peterson Worldwide

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Standard Show
This show or mix is ~2 hours long.
Different file versions may exist.


Hour 1

Marcus Belgrave - 'Space Oddessy' (Universal Sound)

Skream - 'Simple City' (Test)

Benga Feat. Dynamite MC - 'Untitled' (Test)

Jus Wan - 'Afflectic' (Applepips)

Paul Weller - 'Night Flight' (Island)

BLO - 'Chart To Mother Earth' (Soundway Records)

Abdullah Ibrahim -'Ishmael' (ENJA Records)

Tribe -'Deneekas Chant' (Test)

My Toys Like Me - 'Bats'

The New Royales Feat. Jay Electronica - 'Posers' (The New Royales LLC)

Renee Sebastian - 'This is Me' (Renee Sebastian Creation, Inc.)

Stephanie Mackay - 'Jackson Avenue' (Muthas Of Invention)

Jean Grae - '70's kids' (Blacksmith/Warner)

Morgan Zarate - 'Sticks & Stones' (Applepips)

Plantlife in Conversation

Plantlife - 'Your Love' (k7)

Alica Keys - 'Wreckless Love' (RCA)

Hour 2

Plantlife - '3am' (Live in Session Maida Vale)

Plantlife - 'What A World' (Baby Girl) (K7)

Plantlife - 'Sun Shines Through Your Love' (K7)

Q-tip - 'All in' (Artista)

Plantlife - 'Sumthin About Her' (K7)

Heart Attack - 'Right Now' (Test)

Plantlife - 'When She Smiles She Lights the Sky' (Gut)

Jimmy Mcgriff Feat. Joe Thomas - 'It Feels So Nice (Do It Again)(Groove Merchant Records)

Drumagik - 'Dry Your Eyes' (Frontline)

Sarah Vaughn- 'Jim' (Mercury)

Enzo Scoppa Quintete - '500 miles' (Dejavu)

Herbie Hancock - 'Blessing over the ca Prayer' (Trunk Records)

Daisuke Tanabe - 'Paradise Found' (Burntprogress/Fluid Ounce/ Dancing Turtle)

Erika Rose - 'Black Gold' (Infinity Le Monde)

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