2008-04-06 - Fabio, Eveson - Drum'N'Bass Show

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Standard Show
This show or mix is ~2 hours long.
Different file versions may exist.


D Kay - 'On The Way' (Soul:R)
Red Eyes - 'The Pusherman' (Bingo)
Hazard - 'Machete' (Tru Players)
Johnny L - 'Harry'

R1and 1Xtra - D&B no.1
Cheater Cheater / Don't Be Silly - 'Original Sin' (Ganja)

Eveson in the Studio
Eveson - 'Machine' (Channel 82)
Eveson - 'Tricks' (Friction)
Eveson - 'Bluebird' (Channel 82)

Eveson in the Mix
Eveson & Redeyes - 'State Of Mind' (Channel 82)
Deadly Habit - 'Synesthesia (Theory Remix) (Ten & Alive)
Sabaruko - 'Find A Lover' (Integral)
Lynx & Henree - 'Hypothesis' (Prestige)
Commix - 'How You Gonna Feel?' (Metalheadz)
Eveson - 'HotWax' (Channel 82)
Mistical - 'Mistical Solution' (Soul:R)
Digital - 'Session' (Function)
Eveson - 'Brooklyn'
Alix Perez & Lynx - 'Allegiance' (Soul:R)

Big Bud - 'White Widow'

D&B Podcast:
Digital Soundboy - Marcus Visionary - 'Change' (Digital Soundboy)

DJ Clart - 'Daydream' (white)
Digital - 'Lemon' (Function)

D&B On The BBC:
Crissy Criss - Random Movement - 'Its A good way to Say No' (Bassbin)

Unknown - 'Soul Sister'
Blame - 'Strikeforce' (Charge)
LL Cool J - 'Mama Said Knock You Out Boy' (Def Jam)

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