2006-06-30 - Daft Punk (Live PA) @ Eurockéennes de Belfort, France

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2006 - Eurockéennes de Belfort Front.jpg
2006 - Eurockéennes de Belfort Line.jpg

File details

dur MB kbps
1:15:23 114 ~211

Splitted into 11 single files.


  1. Robot Rock
  2. Technologic vs. Oh Yeah
  3. Television Rules The Nation vs. Crescendolls
  4. Too Long
  5. Steam Machine vs. Around The World
  6. Too Long Pt. 2
  7. Face To Face vs. Harder Better Faster Stronger vs. Short Circuit
  8. One More Time vs. Aerodynamic
  9. The Prime Time Of Your Life vs. Rollin' And Scratchin'
  10. Da Funk
  11. Superheroes vs. Human After All vs. Rock'n'Roll

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