2006-04-14 - Annie Nightingale, Rogue Element, Stanton Warriors (Breakspoll) - Annie On One

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Standard Show
This show or mix is ~2 hours long.
Different file versions may exist.


Chapter 1
  1. DJ Killer - Feel Underground (Peter Paul Mix) [Natural Breaks]
  2. Guilty As Charged - The Sound (Klaus Hill Mix) [Dirty Tricks]
  3. Nirvana - Come As You Are [Dirty Funker Edit] [White]
  4. Bassbin Twins - The Dogs [Marine Parade]
  5. Snog - Crash Crash [Kraktronik]
  6. Tom Tonic - The Enemy [Diverted Traffic]
Rogue Element Guest Mix
  1. Nine Lives The Cat - Bouncing Off the Walls (Tom Real vs The Rogue Element Mix) [West]
  2. Soul of Man - Sukdat (Rogue Element Mix) [FingerLickin']
  3. Rob le Pitch - Twisted (Tom Real vs The Rogue Element Mix) [Passenger]
  4. Stanton Warriors Feat. The Beatnuts - Shake It Up [Punks]
  5. Vandal Feat. Odissi - Obey [Lot49]
  6. Far Too Loud vs Specimen A Feat. Incyte - Soldiers at War [Funkatech]
  7. Rennie Pilgrem - Gladiator [TCR]
Chapter 3
  1. Chemical Brothers - Electrobank (Jeff Belti's Krookio Kitty Mix) [White]
  2. Klaus Heavyweight Hill - Foreplay (Koma & Bones Mix) [Thrust]
  3. Crowdtheory - Reality [Don't Care - Bout Nuthin') [Reality Check Vocal) [White]
  4. Kerowack - Met U In Miami [DJ Edit) [White]
  5. Lunar Shift - Disco Rock (Transformer Man Remix) [192K]
  6. Santos - Stop! What? [Distinctive]
Stanton Warriors @ Breakspoll
  1. Coburn - We Interrupt This Programme (Stanton Warriors Remix) [Data]
  2. Stanton Warriors - Complex [White]
  3. Stanton Warriors - Pop Ya Virus [White]
  4. Stanton Warriors Feat. Big Daddy Kane - Get Wild Off This [White]
  5. Stanton Warriors Feat. Sway - Get Em High [Punks]
  6. Stanton Warriors Feat. Eska - Still Here [Punks]

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