2004-05-08 - Chris Liberator @ Tribe of Munt, Park Royal, London

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dur MB kbps
1:29:35 84.83 ~132


[00] Alex S & Ant - Shoot 'Em Up [SP Groove - SPG 003]

[00] ?

[05] Henry Cullen - Council Estate [Apex - 006]

[10] ANT - Latin Datin [Yolk - 11]

[12] ?


[18] Secret Hero - 1999 Flakey Gigs [Stay Up Forever - SUF 072]

[22] ?


[28] Ant Kn & James Kinetic - Feel The Dirty (A Side Version) [Power Tools - PTS 020]

[33] ANT - Hardcore OAP (Ant's Liquid Mix) [Hazchem - 016]

[34] ?

[37] The Imposters - Dirty Dancing (Imposters Techno Remix) [Stay Up Forever Remix - SUFR 029]

[38] ?


[46] Dynamo City - One Night In Hackney [Stay Up Forever - SUF 069]

[52] ? [Maximum-Minimum]


[64] Paul Glazby & The Narcomaniacs - Acid Disco (DAVE The Drummer Remix) [Vicious Circle - VCR 022]

[70] ?

[72] A&E Dept - The Rabbit's Name Was... [Stay Up Forever - SUF 014]

[73] ?

[76] Mr. Burns & The Geezer - Bedroom Poppadoms [Wah Wah - 007]

[79] ?


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Matt Williams (Drumaddict303909)
2015-04-05 (23:40) (CET)
This Was From A great Website Called Tribeofmunt.com but its defunkt now too bad -

Matt Williams (Drumaddict303909)
2015-04-05 (23:41) (CET)
thanks for adding this and a link to my post on mixcloud

Matt From Chicago
2015-04-16 (01:17) (CET)
Don't know how you add a time or alter this page at all - not a member here but the track you have question marks next to at Twenty Two minutes - you guys are all missing out on one of the best hard acid techno trax Of all time IMO - it's

The aa side of Strip 2 (Smitten is Dead) - Dave the Drummer and Chris Liberator's Remix of Chris Liberator & The Geezer's "Bad Day at Black Fog Creek" !!! Thanks a ton to whoever named that first burner - you just made my F.,?in day!!! - I searched and searched -- I've asked tons of techno heads with no result since finding this mix online way back in 2005 it's the one with Clint Eastwood talking during the break ??? he says Something like

" it doesn't matter if you win or lose and that's just the way it is................ - by the way the sample is from the Clint Eastwood Classic .........

"The Outlaw Josey Wales"

Matt From Chicago
2015-04-16 (01:36) (CET)
Anyone wanting a full Download of this, (better than the file your iPhone will create with the apps they have these days......) Google this - SLSK - for those who know - just search for Chris Liberator - Tribe of Munt - I'm not the only one sharing this file.

It's really Too bad the original site was taken down - there was a Shitload more recordings on it just like this one :(

Matt From Chicago
2015-04-16 (01:47) (CET)
The track after One Night in Hackney is Another liberator Burner !!!! It's an untitled track from the Maximum-Minimum label - i forget which one it is but I know it's from that label but it's a f.,?!ing WICKED track which has a ton of noise in it trying to remember - I think it's the Magenta one ? I'm sure you'll figure it out anyway - All records from that label have Colors instead of Numbers and Titles - most Of you already know this of your looking on here anyway , but maybe not Peace from Chicago y'all :)