2003-11-01 - Subfader - Oh Happy Day Jesus Came My Way And Blessed Me (Rave Satellite)

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0:59:53 72 ~168


The mix aired is called "Oh Happy Day Jesus Came My Way And Blessed Me".


  1. Moodymann - The Thief That Stole My Sad Days...Ya Blessin' Me
  2. Moodymann - Long Hot Sexy Nights
  3. Todd Edwards - Saved My Life
  4. Criminal Element - Go Around (X-Press 2 Way 2 Deep Mix)
  5. Re-Vibe-All - The Feeling (Can't Fake The Club Mix + Feelin' The Dub Mix)
  6. DJ Pierre - Jeseus On My Mind (Pierre's Gospel Vocal Pitch)
  7. Barbara Tucker - I Get Lifted (The Unreleased Mix)
  8. Shake Your Ass - You Came My Way
  9. Children Of The Underground Feat. Tracy Brathwaite - Oh Happy Day (Peace On Earth Mix)
  10. D'Influence - Hypnotize (M.A.W. Rascal Dub)
  11. John Campbell - Nice And Slow (Bagheads Deep Dub)

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