2002-05-25 - Derrick Carter @ Shockers, ID&T Radio

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2016-05-06 (07:30) (CET)
this set was somehow confused with the BBC essential mix of the same year. here's the tracklist. :)

(NOT!!! Derrick Carter - Essential Mix, 2002-05-19.mp3 )

Raphael Saddiq Feat. D'Angelo - "Be Here [Accapella]" (Universal)

The G.B. Experience - "Gotta Have It [Stack Kidd Remix]" (Tilted)

Mustafa - "Sambando" (Onda Unda)

Jasper St. Company - "Lift Every Voice [Mousse T. Remix]" (Basement Boys)

Earth Wind & Fire Vs The Nightflight Boys - "untitled" (hite Label)

Bibi Macumba - "Walele" (Africanism/Yellow)

Faith Evans - "You Gets No Love" (Bad Boy)

John Ciafone - "Mojito" (Boombastic)

Cricco Castelli - "Salsa Piccante" (Moody)

Bebel Gilberto - "So Nice (Summer Samba) [DC Remix]" (East West)

Lance DeSardi & Eric Cameron - "Get In To Me" (Lowdown)

Tony Senghore Feat. Freeda - "Hey Chica [DC Remix]" (Moody)

Brett Johnson - "Trippin" (acetate)

Greens Keepers - "Gan Slam" (Moody)

Blaze Feat. Palmer Brown - "Do You Remember House?" (Slip N Slide)

X-Press 2 Feat. David Byrne - "Lazy [accapella]" (Skint)

Kevin Saunderson - "The Groove That Won't Stop" (Kool Kat)

Halo & Justin Long - "Songs From The Time Before" (Siesta)

Koke & Korrin - "Mouthbang" (Igloo)

Mike Dixon - "2 Some Swing" (G Swing)

Original Black Man's Band - "The Casbah" (Basement Boys)

Mike Dixon - "U Ain't It" (G Swing)

Derrick L. Carter - "Squaredancing In A Roundhouse" (Classic)

Basement Jaxx - "Automatic" (white Label)

Aphrohead - "Cry Baby [Bobby Peru Remix]" (Credence)

Pound Boys - "Express Betty" (Look At You)

Terrence Trent D'Arby - "Dance Little Sister [House Remix]" (white Label)

Long Weekend - "Light Lunch" (Drop Music)

DJ Rhythm - "Now Dig" (Camouflage)

2016-05-08 (14:23) (CET)
Are you sure this is the correct mix / file?

I mean, 29 tracks in 59 mins?