1997-10-25 - DJ Dan @ Xntrk

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Matt From Chicago
2016-12-03 (07:00) (CET)
This file and many many more are readily available (fred downloads) at Archive.org look for a user named Chuck E. :) peace from Chicago :) there are a few uploaders on mixcloud (AnMRecsLA, Jason Hughes and Raiderhader) that have even more files like this one here - I think ?? they recorded this one (I'm almost certain it's been on there for a while) - Anyways rambling.... Big Big thanks goes out to Chris Hynes (Raiderhader) and Jason Hughes of San Fran and Anthony and Marlon Silva of LA (anmrecsla) (the True Archivers) :)

Matt From Chicago
2016-12-03 (07:01) (CET)
FREE not Fred :)

Matt From Chicago
2016-12-03 (07:07) (CET)
If Jason Were to get current with his soundcloud account.... then the dead link on this page would reappear, for it's still on there just on Hold Soundcloud puts your files on hold when you don't pay your bill - if paid the files are released and are all still There :) wish I could pay his bill myself so I could download the originals he had a ton of good vintage tape rips - I only took two before the page went down.....:(

2018-06-20 (01:52) (CET)
Damn so what's up with a tracklist for Dan's Xntrk set?!!!

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