1997-04-27 - Pete Tong, Allister Whitehead @ Southport Dance Weekender - Essential Mix

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Standard Show
This show or mix is ~2 hours long.
Different file versions may exist.


Pete Tong
  1. Bobby D'Ambrosio Feat. Michelle Weeks - Moment Of My Life (Classic Club Mix) [Definity]
  2. Praxis Feat. Kathy Brown - Turn Me Out (Turn To Sugar) (Sol Brothers Turn To Sugar Remix) [FFRR]
  3. Double 99 - RIP Groove [Satellite]
  4. Outlander - The Vamp (Revamped) (ID Remix) [R&S]
  5. Trankilou - Atom Funk [Kif]
  6. Future Funk - Switch Lock [Plastic City]
  7. Basement Jaxx - Fly Life (ID Remix) [Size Nine]
  8. Stretch & Vern - Get Up! Go Insane! (Rock 'N' Roll Mix) [FFRR]
  9. Big Band Experience - No Stoppin' [Pukka]
  10. Discotecs - Playmate Puzzle (Fat Assid Remix) [FFRRHeat]
  11. N.U.K.E. - Five Bucks (Teabee-Mix) [Liquid]
  12. Y-Traxx - Mystery Land [FFRR]
  13. Spellbound - Heaven On Earth (Dillon & Dickins Mix) [East West]
  14. Ascension - Someone (Space Brothers' Dub) [Perfecto]
  15. JDS - Nine Ways [CrosstraxFFRR]
  16. Shena - Let The Beat Hit' Em (Original 12" Mix) [VC]
Alistair Whitehead
  1. Kuva - Isn't It Time (Allister Whitehead Zero G Mix) [Big Life]
  2. Think Twice - Waiting For You (Roger's Anthem Mix) [EMI]
  3. Terry Hunter - Harvest For The World (UBQ Club Dub) [Delirious]
  4. Subterrania - Do It For Love (Stone's Essential Club Mix) [Champion]
  5. Slacker - Your Face (In The Crowd) [XL]
  6. Diddy - Give Me Love (Tony De Vit Mix) [Feverpitch]

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Mr Shifter
01:24, 9 April 2011 (CEST)
Pete Tong Track 09:

Big Band Experience - No Stoppin' (Original Mix)

00:52, 30 July 2014 (CEST)
Just need an Id for the Vamp mix and the mix of Flylife, then it's complete.

2016-09-27 (19:12) (CET)
I'm pretty sure the remix of Flylife is the original. I think Vamp is the Apollo 440 mix.

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