1995 - Santiago Salazar @ Jack's Nightly Afterhours, The Beverly Room, Los Angeles

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Quote from Santiago Salazar's Myspace Site:
Okay Gente, this is a old school house mix I did at the infamous raunchy/run-down spot in L.A. called "The Beverly Room" This place is notorious for drag queens and drugs and went on from midnight to bout' 7am. It was a sanctuary for many Angelinos who found refuge from everyday Drama. This was the training ground for me as a DJ and was the first place I saw legg-kicking and cat walks :) Thanks to my good friend David Charles aka DJ Popcorn, he found this tape in his collection and uploaded it for me. If anyone knows some of the "?" tracks, please let me know as I'm trying to find these in my storage.
By the way, for those of you who don't know, I went by the DJ name Asucar or Asuka.


  1. Tito Puente - Ran Kan Kan (Ken Lou Dub) [Elektra]
  2. 2 Degrees Of Separation - Rough Every Time [Music Station]
  3. ?
  4. Eddie S. - Find A Friend [Freeze]
  5. Scram - Work Me [Strictly Rhythm]
  6. 2 Sweat Doctors - Dynamic Audio [Simply Soul]
  7. Seven Grand Housing Authority - I Believe In Him [Simply Soul]
  8. The San Man - The Crowd [Serious Grooves]
  9. Andres Mijangos - Track 10 [Aqua Boogie]
  10. 250 Lbs. Of Blue - Risin To The Top [Eightball]
  11. Last Session - Sometimes I Feel Like (Mid 80's Feel Mix) [Blue Cucaracha]
  12. 2 Degrees Of Separation - Dance Cause You Hear Me [Music Station]
  13. The Latin Kings - Quiero Saber [Nervous]
  14. Club Orchestra - Thrillseekers Dub [Night Club]
  15. ?
  16. ?
  17. ? Nene & Keyes - Los Indios EP [Vestry]
  18. Louie 'Balo' Guzman - No Felicia [Empire State]
  19. ? Nene & Keyes - Los Indios EP [Vestry]
  20. Agora - Jam Beneath The Groove [Z]
  21. Whats Happenin - Got Me Confused [King Street Sounds]
  22. ?
  23. D:Ream - U R The Best Thing (David Morales Mix) [Sire]
  24. ?
  25. Liberty City - Some Lovin (Deep Dub) [Murk]
  26. Butch Quick - Under Pressure (Down Under Dub) [Strictly Rhythm]
  27. Armando - Pleasuredome [Trax]
  28. Rodney Bakerr - Flashback [Rockin' House]
  29. ?
  30. Nene & Keyes - Los Indios EP [Vestry]
  31. Chanelle - Work That Body [Great Jones]
  32. Thrillseekers - Got The Cure [House Jam]
  33. ?
  34. Donnie Mark - Stand Up For The Soul [Simply Soul]

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