1995-12-09 - Pete Tong, Grace (Live), Tall Paul @ Cream, Liverpool (Essential Mix)

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Standard Show
This show or mix is ~2 hours long.
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Pete Tong
  1. Crescendo - Are You Out There [FFRR]
  2. Hondy - No Axis [Busting Loose]
  3. DJs Rule - Get Into The Music [Distinctive]
  4. Blue Amazon - No Other Love [Jackpot Acetate]
  5. L.U.P.O. - Transpose [Low Spirit]
  6. Klubbheads - Work This Pussy [Blue]
  7. Man With No Name - Paint A Picture [Perfecto]
  8. Mari Kiani - Let The Music Play [Mercury Acetate]
Grace (Live)


Tall Paul
  1. Blackbox - Positive Vibrations [Groove Groove Music]
  2. Candy Girls - Wham Bam Thank You Man
  3. Stone Factory - Secret Worship [Stone Factory]
  4. Electroliners - Loose Caboose [Train Wrecks]
  5. Rozzo - Into Your Heart
  6. Bang - Untitled
  7. Keoki - Caterpillar
  8. Ken Doh - Nakasaki [FFRR]
  9. De - Lacy - Hideaway [US Polydor]
  10. Robert Miles - Children [Platypus Acetate]
  11. Transformer 2 - Untitled [Acetate]

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Terry Macklin
2015-03-01 (01:44) (CET)
This was the night a few friends and I started the HOO HOO chant on live radio. I had already began it at an all nighter at Nation Liverpool earlier that year, when Boy George played a set.

The night was also finished with the first playing of Wonderwall by Mike Flowers Pops.

2015-05-01 (09:35) (CET)
That incredibly annoying HOO HOO sound already crops up in the Tong sections of the mixes in November 1995.