1993 - Junior Vasquez, David Morales @ Sound Factory, NYC

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File details

Side dur MB kbps
A 0:43:06 78.9
B 0:43:00 78.7
1:26:06 157 256


More or less bad sound quality.

"The source of this was a bootleg CD labeled "Vasquez & Morales" and although I can't remember any events where they played together, I figured I should just label it as it was originally. The lead up to "Atom Bomb" on side B sounds like classic Junior. If anyone out there remembers when this might be from, drop me a note. Whoever transferred the tape to CD made kind of a mess of it, there were glitches at precise five minute intervals on both sides which I've done my best to edit out using Audacity. There's also some nasty digital background noise, headphone users beware." Source


Side A
  1. Sound Of One - As I Am (Junior Style Dub)
  2. CeCe Peniston - Finally
  3. ? Arabic electronic track
  4. Basscut - I'm Not In Love
  5. Deep Forest - Sweet Lullaby
  6. Gypsymen - Hear the Music
  7. The West Tribe - Hold Me Back
  8. Moraes - The Cure
  9. Martha Wash - Carry On (Various Mixes)
  10. Judy Cheeks - So In Love (Real Deal) (Frankie Foncett Mix)
  11. ?
Side B
  1. Shay Jones - Inside Out (E-Smoove's Funk Revival)
  2. Edward's World - Soul Roots
  3. Chez-N Trent - The Choice
  4. Incognito - Giving It Up
  5. Smooth Touch - Come And Take A Trip/Harddrive - Deep Inside
  6. ? I said
  7. Todd Terry Unreleased Project Pt. 6 - Say It Again
  8. Doomsday - Atom Bomb
  9. Patra - Worker Man (Phat & Insane Mix)
  10. Doomsday - Atom Bomb
  11. ? keep on pushing
  12. Sounds Of Blackness - I Believe (Acappella & Various Mixes)

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