1992-04-10 - Carl Cox @ Hitman And Her Night, The Eclipse, Coventry

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Released on Various - The Eclipse - A Blast From The Past Part III


  1. Eternal - Eternal (Up On Under Club Mix)
  2. 3V - Kollision
  3. Pandemic - Slammin
  4. Nebula II - C.O.D. Rider
  5. World Dominance - Compression (Remix)
  6. Terrorize - Its Just a Feeling
  7. Visa - Let Me See Ya Move (2 copies)
  8. USI - Revolution "get buzy with the track, mix it up" male
  9. Interface - Toytown ep (Mix A3)
  10. Steinski - I Wanna Dance
  11. Francesco Zappala - No Way Out (Egoist Side) "come on baby"
  12. 2wice As Hard - Give It 2 Em
  13. M-D-Emm - Move Your Feet (Keep Those Hands Up! And Stop Buying All That Crap Pop Music Mix!)
  14. Power Pill - Pac Man
  15. Seduction - Hardcore Heaven (The Reincarnation)
  16. Urban Shakedown - Some Justice
  17. Venom - Total Recall
  18. Divine Orgasm - Creator (Hype mix by Booming Support)
  19. Frankie Bones & Adam X - Crossbones ep "lets go" male
  20. Raging Rockers - Kounter Act (Sensi mix)
  21. DJ Professor - Rock Me Steady

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19:05, 10 November 2012 (CET)
I saw this on telly and still have a copy on VHS somewhere, a seminal set by the top dog, phantasy's set was just as good too. I have since found and bought most of the tracks, this will help me find the rest, eBay, here I come again. Cheers.

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